Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rainy adventure

We had another great first as a couple this week: our first 4-wheeling adventure. A group of teachers that work with Cam went up to midway to go 4-wheeling. There were four 4-wheelers and a jeep wandering around on a trail up a hillside. Cam let me drive for a little, then I got cold and decided to let him break the wind.

It started to rain really hard, so the trails got muddy, and we got into a spot where we were having to squeeze between and go around fallen logs. All the four wheelers hadn't seen the jeep in awhile, and realized there was no way it could have made it, so we turned around. It wasn't 30 seconds later that the jeep roared up the side of the muddy hill just going right over the logs in the way.

There's my jeep ad for the day... I'm a believer. So much so that When I decided it was way too cold I decided to ride inside and let cam go crazy on his own.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Project Day

Today was project day. It all started a couple of weeks ago. I was painting an apartment and had to remove several shelves from the walls in order to complete the job. The past residents had put up shelves that were not supposed to be there. I figured that nobody would miss the shelves if I took them home with me, they would probably be thrown away otherwise. So, I brought them home and announced to Kim that I wanted to make a bookshelf. She was very excited because she has wanted a bookshelf since before we were engaged. She was kind enough to let me think that it was my idea when we all know that she had just been waiting patiently for the last year for me to get around to it. I started working on the project last night when we bought one board for the back of the shelf. This is Kim...very thrilled to be at Lowe's on a Friday night.

This morning after I finished all of my chores (cleaning out the garage, tidying up my room, etc...) I started working on the shelf. Here are a few photos of me working away.

After I finished priming the shelf Kim took to sketching her design all over it. I thought that it looked nice in white, but she had other plans for it...

I left for the MTC at 5:00 and came home around 9:30. Here is the artist and her work.

Its only one side, so there is still more work to be done, but doesn't it look fabulous! Here's to project day!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Family Vaycay

This last week Cam had the joy of going on his first ever raft trip with the My family. We did a three day trip down the Rogue River in southern Oregon for some good family bonding time… of course there are too many people in my family to fit in the same boat, so Cam and I were on the boat with my mom and dad and Cecil, a friend of my grandpa’s (He was 78, and periodically splashed me from behind to “keep my piggytails from getting dry”). Brandon and Whitney each lead boats with significant others, KayCee, and random other people who know my grandpa on board. Grandpa Merle took an oar boat by himself, because let’s be honest, at 76 no one else could move a boat full of everyone’s stuff by themselves like he can.

The sad part of the trip was that I broke my 15 year streak of never falling out of the boat (black bar, a sneaky class 4) somehow, by the time we got to the lodge everyone knew. Cameron also fell out on blossom bar and scared me- he fell out right at the top of the rapid and was hanging on to the boat as me approached a rock, and I had visions of Cam squished between the boat and the rock and going unconscious and dying, so I jumped to the other side of the boat to try to pull him in, but he let go and pushed off the boat. Then he crawled up on a rock and jumped back onto the boat when we went by.

My grandpa himself led the expedition to jump off a 40 foot cliff into the river. When everyone got to the top he said, “keep your legs together and hold on to your life jacket” and then stepped off. Everyone made it out safe, even KayCee who thought she was going to die. Nate has already determined that he is coming next time- If I have any say, he can have Cecil’s spot right behind me.