Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Family Vaycay

This last week Cam had the joy of going on his first ever raft trip with the My family. We did a three day trip down the Rogue River in southern Oregon for some good family bonding time… of course there are too many people in my family to fit in the same boat, so Cam and I were on the boat with my mom and dad and Cecil, a friend of my grandpa’s (He was 78, and periodically splashed me from behind to “keep my piggytails from getting dry”). Brandon and Whitney each lead boats with significant others, KayCee, and random other people who know my grandpa on board. Grandpa Merle took an oar boat by himself, because let’s be honest, at 76 no one else could move a boat full of everyone’s stuff by themselves like he can.

The sad part of the trip was that I broke my 15 year streak of never falling out of the boat (black bar, a sneaky class 4) somehow, by the time we got to the lodge everyone knew. Cameron also fell out on blossom bar and scared me- he fell out right at the top of the rapid and was hanging on to the boat as me approached a rock, and I had visions of Cam squished between the boat and the rock and going unconscious and dying, so I jumped to the other side of the boat to try to pull him in, but he let go and pushed off the boat. Then he crawled up on a rock and jumped back onto the boat when we went by.

My grandpa himself led the expedition to jump off a 40 foot cliff into the river. When everyone got to the top he said, “keep your legs together and hold on to your life jacket” and then stepped off. Everyone made it out safe, even KayCee who thought she was going to die. Nate has already determined that he is coming next time- If I have any say, he can have Cecil’s spot right behind me.


  1. Cameron!! He fell off at the top of a rapid, climbed up a rock, and jumped back in the boat?? He's so crazy.

    Glad you were all safe!

  2. Those are some impressive grandparents you have. Sounds like a good time. PS- I'm glad to see candyland here still, it takes me back.

  3. I learned more about the Rogue trip from your blog than I did from Merle's narration, and also saw Mark Turley's DVDwhere Cameron went out of the boat. nice recovery!
    I like your blogspot. I'm trying to do one too. Where do you find the background and graphics?
    Love, Grandma Lois (email me and I'll send the address.)