Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rainy adventure

We had another great first as a couple this week: our first 4-wheeling adventure. A group of teachers that work with Cam went up to midway to go 4-wheeling. There were four 4-wheelers and a jeep wandering around on a trail up a hillside. Cam let me drive for a little, then I got cold and decided to let him break the wind.

It started to rain really hard, so the trails got muddy, and we got into a spot where we were having to squeeze between and go around fallen logs. All the four wheelers hadn't seen the jeep in awhile, and realized there was no way it could have made it, so we turned around. It wasn't 30 seconds later that the jeep roared up the side of the muddy hill just going right over the logs in the way.

There's my jeep ad for the day... I'm a believer. So much so that When I decided it was way too cold I decided to ride inside and let cam go crazy on his own.

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