Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hiking Y Mountain

I really should change the name of this blog to be Cameron and Kim's wild adventures. On the Third Cam asked me if I wanted to go hike Y mountain, I said, yeah okay. Thinking he meant the Y...should have known better. We got to the Y and Cam asked if I was ready to go. To my dismay he meant up again rather than down. On a normal day, perhaps I could have taken it, but at 2 in the afternoon and with the temperature in the 90's I was pretty convinced he was crazy. We did it anyway. We trecked on another hour until we ran into two teenage boys coming down. Cameron asked them how far it was to the top- and they said they had been coming down for about 40 minutes, so it was probably about 2 hours. I was almost out of water and put my foot down. Okay, so it doesn't look that bad in the pic, but keep in mind the perspective (things farther away and higher look smaller).
Anyway, Cam is in the market for someone who wants to make another try... let him know if you're interested.

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