Monday, October 19, 2009

Death of a Goldfish

So my goldfish, Diamond, died today. I'm pretty sure I got her October 17th 2007, just over two years ago. That means I got her even before I met Cameron. To remember her, I would like to commemorate some of the accomplishments of this remarkable fish in her short but full life.
  • She outlasted the two other goldfish that came with her (Cheddar, Oct 17-20 2007 and Thunder, Oct 17-Dec 28 2007)
  • She passed 11 Glenwood cleaning checks when I wasn't supposed to have a pet
  • She traveled from Utah to Washington by car in a Mason Jar (I opened it at rest stops to let air in)
  • Survived 4 months under the care of 5-year-old Nathan (while I was in europe) who tried to pet her periodically
  • She traveled from Washington back to Utah in a Mason Jar
  • She starred in a full length youtube video
  • Finished 1 &1/2 containers of fish food
  • Brought Joy and happiness to all who watched her.
Diamond's bowl was on our hall shelf and she used to get excited when anyone walked by-It seems so empty now. So long Diamond, you will be missed.


  1. Sounds like quite a fish! May she(?) rest in peace.

  2. I hope she got a proper burial. No, not the porceline bowl, NEMOOOO!

  3. She was as good as gold, lived all her life as her golden years, and would have been a golden contact if fish had missionaries. May she rest in clouds of spunsoft gold!

  4. i am so sorry that we missed here death but now you have our blog to read! goodbye diamond it was nice to know you.