Monday, November 30, 2009

Party over here!

In our first year of marriage we have accomplished some great feats including epic rafting trips, finishing the Twilight series, and most recently, hosting Thanksgiving Dinner. That's right, from our cute little apartment for two. We reserved the basement of our apartment for the event, and outsourced ovens, but we still had to prepare for 17 people (Me and Cam, My family + significant others, Tiffany and Co, and My mom's sister's family.)
Table 1:
Table 2 (the cool kid table):
I never got a picture of the kid table during the 3 seconds they sat there, but here are the little people chillin in our bed watching a movie:
It was ton's of fun and I'm glad everyone could make it... but next year I'm inviting everyone to my parent's house...

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