Sunday, November 22, 2009

Primary Program

Today was our primary program- the kids did absolutely fantastically… and lived up to all expectations in the ridiculously funny category. A few of the highlights for me included:

  • My fantastic next-door neighbor (of “Hazardous living”) doesn’t know most of the songs, and can’t read the cue cards. So he just sang the scattered words he knew, and hummed the rest at the top of his lungs. One of the songs he didn’t know well, he just sang the words a half-second after the other kids.
  • Cole (afore mentioned 3-year-old owner of the Baby Bimmer) didn’t get up to sit on the stand with the rest of the kids. When it came to his part Sister Jones asked him in the microphone if he would get up and say his part. From the back of the room he proudly marched- it probably took him 2 minutes to get up there- said his one line, and sat down beaming.
  • A cute sunbeam, told me beforehand that she didn’t want any help because she could do her part by herself. After 10 secconds of “ah, er, um” at the microphone, she said her part perfectly and without any help.
  • Of course, how could I leave out Cameron sitting in the back of the audience holding up the poster of the thermometer to remind the kids to sing louder… we may not have any children, but it was still a proud day in the Horch household.

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  1. It was an AWESOME program. It definitely met my expectations for cuteness and hilarity. Good work! I can only say that you wish you could have seen James.