Thursday, December 31, 2009

Partaking in the miracle of flight

After the trials we went through last Christmas break, driving the 13 hours from Provo to Portland, we decided to fly this year. Contrary to plans, this turned out to me more of an adventure than anticipated.

For some unidentified reason, our conformation codes for our flight home didn’t work online or at the kisok, so we hopped into a line... we waited in that line an hour and a half, finally making it to the front 5 minutes after the final call for boarding.

(pictured right: our new friends Mitch, two guys going to battleground, and a girl headed to Chicago as the final call for our flight is made on the PA.)

So we missed that flight, but got on standby for the next flight 5 hours later… and magically made it on the flight because someone else missed their connection…sorry about that.

For the trip home, we hopped on a turbo-prop headed to Boise, and then on to Salt Lake. Despite my concerns, the turbo prop made it up in the air amist snow flurries. On our connection flight (only an hour behind schedule) Cam and I sat in row 13… that is, the very back row which we shared with the lavatory. Luckily, this meant we also shared our overhead compartment with the extra toilet paper and that we got to be served first from the juice cart (admittedly, my favorite part of flying.)

Overall cost benefit analysis for flying rather than driving this year:

Cost: 400$ on tickets, 9 hours spent in an airport, 10$ in airport Chinese food.

Benefit: made 7 friends in the airport AND got 3 cups of juice, cookies, pretzels, and a bag of peanuts.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You know you picked the best major ever when:

  • You made it through the last month of the semester without using a single notebook or sheet of lined paper
  • You haven't written a paper in over a year
  • You watch youtube videos in almost every class
  • You didn't go into the testing center once during finals week
  • One of your finals was actually a presentation that three of your classmates presented while you ate pizza
  • You regularly get free stuff
  • Class assignments have required you to meet bigwig advertising and business people
  • You've had someone fly in to meet with you
  • You find yourself more concerned about doing work the client will like than about what grade you will get
  • You sometimes feel that attending classes interferes with schoolwork
  • You bought only one textbook for next semester... and it's for an elective class.
  • You don't bring enough stuff to warrant a backpack (it would be floppy)
Looking forward to a great last semester.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

One down, like a gazillion to go

Yesterday, we got to go to the wedding of my high school friend Hilary, which of course caused us to reflect on our wedding...I know, it was fast for us too, but on the 30th we will have been married a whole year. I'd like to take a moment to review the things that have happened in the first year of our marriage:

January started out with our honeymoon vacay in Cabo. After a fantastic trip we were greeted by snow and yuk in provo. I started a new job and Cam got his research grant, which allowed us to
move into our new apartment! Which meant the next couple weeks we spent acquiring furniture. I lost the mail key. And we studied our way into...

February where we spent the first Valentine's day together that I wasn't sick to my stomach (a nice change). We got curtains and finally got everything moved in just in time for...

March lots of school, midterms, and finishing our wedding thank-you-notes. Cam's family came to visit and we flew kites in 40 degree wind. A nice transition into spring and...

April We went on an awesome backpacking trip in Arches National Park. We slept out in the middle of nowhere on an air mattress in our tent.

In May we went rafting with the fam and Cam tried his darndest to scare me to death. We listened to the twilight books on audiotape as we drove most of the way around the western states. I also started my Blog so I have someone other than Cameron to tell about my life (not that he doesn't care, he is just usually there...)

June I got the internship with BYU Athletics Marketing, and traveled around to parades. I started my jungle shelf and took my cake decorating class (I work cheap guys, seriously!) KayCee came to visit and I got called into the primary. Cam studied for the OAT.

July we took the infamous hike up Y mountain, and thought about patrioticness. Cam got called into elder's quorum and studied for the OAT.

In August Cam rocked the OAT and hiked Mt. Timp. We went Camping with Tiffany and Co. and got mildly sunburnt. It was a great last hurrah before...

September (my birthday month) we started up our last year of school. I got to be on the football game sidelines and Cam... got to watch. Then we celebrated the twelve days of my birthday.

October Cam got into Pacific University. We said goodbye to diamond, but gained Spencer... (listed in the ward directory as our child, which makes us the worst parents ever because we didn't know about him.)

In November 17 people came to Thanksgiving dinner at our cute little apt. We went "camping", dancing, and I spent all my imaginary spare time working on my L'Oreal Brandstorm project which I presented the first of...

December so far has been just finishing this semester, decorating for Christmas, baking, and hanging with family. With December 30th fast approaching we doubt there's any way next year can be quite as eventful as this one.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pink Elephant

This visual arts minor is easily one of the awesomest decisions I've ever made. In my sculpture class the last month we have been doing stone carving. Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like: chisel + hammer and occasionally sandpaper.

Pretty much I decided to make an elephant, because I couldn’t think of anything else I would like to have carved in stone and displayed in my house for the rest of my life… and it was a neat coincidence that they had pink alabaster in stock.

Here he is in his place on the jungle shelf.

He just fits so well in the family

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The L'Oreal Project

So for those of you that have been following me in my quest through the L'Oreal Brandstorm competition, it is finally over! I competed in finals last night, our group did fantastically and pretty much everything went smoothly. We didn't win though- I talked to our adviser though after, and he said that they loved us and we were one of the teams talked about a lot while they were making decisions. Anyway, the group headed to nationals are all very talented and down to earth people, and I totally support them.

But I did want to post some of the stuff that our group came up with. The assignment was to develop a men's beauty product range for Diesel clothing company (on an unlimited imaginary budget!). Based on a ton of research, we decided to go with a men's shaving line we call Fire&Ice because each product feels either warm or cool to the touch. Here is my product design:
The second portion was to create a 2-year advertising plan. We came up with some crazy stuff like "skyline tagging" having the name written in skyscraper lights.Then I got to design some crazy fun print advertising. The idea is based around the fact that alot of things that women say they want about beauty products, men (deep down inside) also are looking for. Which, let's be honest, is a pretty funny idea.Anyway, the whole thing was a blast, I got PLENTY of photoshopping practice in, and I got some fantastic Ralph Lauren perfume as a prize!