Thursday, December 31, 2009

Partaking in the miracle of flight

After the trials we went through last Christmas break, driving the 13 hours from Provo to Portland, we decided to fly this year. Contrary to plans, this turned out to me more of an adventure than anticipated.

For some unidentified reason, our conformation codes for our flight home didn’t work online or at the kisok, so we hopped into a line... we waited in that line an hour and a half, finally making it to the front 5 minutes after the final call for boarding.

(pictured right: our new friends Mitch, two guys going to battleground, and a girl headed to Chicago as the final call for our flight is made on the PA.)

So we missed that flight, but got on standby for the next flight 5 hours later… and magically made it on the flight because someone else missed their connection…sorry about that.

For the trip home, we hopped on a turbo-prop headed to Boise, and then on to Salt Lake. Despite my concerns, the turbo prop made it up in the air amist snow flurries. On our connection flight (only an hour behind schedule) Cam and I sat in row 13… that is, the very back row which we shared with the lavatory. Luckily, this meant we also shared our overhead compartment with the extra toilet paper and that we got to be served first from the juice cart (admittedly, my favorite part of flying.)

Overall cost benefit analysis for flying rather than driving this year:

Cost: 400$ on tickets, 9 hours spent in an airport, 10$ in airport Chinese food.

Benefit: made 7 friends in the airport AND got 3 cups of juice, cookies, pretzels, and a bag of peanuts.


  1. I've met a bunch of friends flying lately... I like people. :)

  2. We're just glad you made it here and back safely.