Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You know you picked the best major ever when:

  • You made it through the last month of the semester without using a single notebook or sheet of lined paper
  • You haven't written a paper in over a year
  • You watch youtube videos in almost every class
  • You didn't go into the testing center once during finals week
  • One of your finals was actually a presentation that three of your classmates presented while you ate pizza
  • You regularly get free stuff
  • Class assignments have required you to meet bigwig advertising and business people
  • You've had someone fly in to meet with you
  • You find yourself more concerned about doing work the client will like than about what grade you will get
  • You sometimes feel that attending classes interferes with schoolwork
  • You bought only one textbook for next semester... and it's for an elective class.
  • You don't bring enough stuff to warrant a backpack (it would be floppy)
Looking forward to a great last semester.

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