Sunday, January 24, 2010

Got Milk?

My co-worker just created a hilarious new website called

Seriously it's a crack-up. He found on a list that the FDA has about which codes on your milk belong to which dairy, and made a really slick website to showcase it. Here's where I come in: In efforts to make this the coolest website about milk you've ever been to, he wanted little icons to represent each of the products that a dairy produces. Since I happen to do icons, he asked me to design them. The outcome: Awesomeness.

So, to check out my latest artistic endeavors, and to find the answer to that question I know you've been asking...

Friday, January 22, 2010


So my co-worker sent this to me, and I thought it was very well done... I didn't even see the twist coming.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


So one of the things Cameron has been having to get used to this last year is my mixed-up memory. It does funny things like when I have to remember a phone number, it can remember all the right numbers, but not necessarily in the right order. Often it remembers half an important piece of information... like the right street, but in the wrong city (true story). This is the kind of remembering I did today.

So my friends at work Spencer and Lizzy got married yesterday (Congrats) and we were planning on going to their wedding reception tonight. So we got all dressed up, got a present, and headed off to 116 W Center Street in Provo to the reception center. We found the reception center and hopped into the long reception line. The table for the presents was across the room, so I sent Cam over to put our present down while I waited. When he came back he pulled me out of line and had me look at the couple at the other end of the line... I didn't recognize either of them.


So turns out I had the place right on this one... I even knew it was Saturday from 6-9. Turns out the reception is next Saturday.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hilary&Brian's Wedding video

So my BFF Hilary got married just before Christmas. When I asked if she had anyone doing a wedding video and she said no, I volunteered! So here is a snippet of my first wedding video!

I checked out a camera from the library, and watched videos online so I would know what to do. Most of the day I was having a hard time getting shots because I was trying to stay out of the way of the photographer, but there was about an hour between the luncheon and the reception where not much was going on (and the photographer couldn't be in the dressing room) so I finally got some shots I wanted. The song is "We are One" by Kelly Sweet.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A glimpse into the future

Today Cam and I were accosted by the most ridiculous child I have ever met in my life.

We were on a date at Barnes&Noble, sitting and reading books, and a small girl with wispy brown hair and pink stretchpants, came and wriggled her way in next to me. I asked if she needed some room, and she said, "No, I just need to read you this book... and him too" gesturing to Cam. We decided to oblige her, just as she decided that she actually had to go get a different book. As she walked away we tried to talk to each other, but she kept coming back and demanding "shhh! Lock your lips! I can hear you!"

She eventually came back with a book, and read the first page, but she must have decided it wasn't exciting enough because then she made up a story about a cave and a rock who met a dragon. Pretty much in the middle of the story she turned to me and said "knock knock" as she knocked on my leg. "Who's there?" Thus started a chain reaction of nonsensical "jokes" in which some random thing (i.e. Mr. Potato Head, Name, "Abercot") was knocking on my door and the response to my inquiry "____ who?" was some random phrase, word, or dance. During this routine, Cam and I tried to figure out the name and possible location of a parent with no success. We think her name is Sadie or Sara, and she is either 6 or turning 7 1/2 in March.

Suddenly she jumped up and announced "we're going to make a train" and grabbed my hands and started dragging me around. She demanded that Cameron get on the train at the next station, but Cam (the rational person he is) asked where the train was going. When her response was "around" he decided to wait for the next train.

In the end I only managed to escape the train because Cam said it was "time to go" luckily, when she asked what time it was, it was a nice-round 9:30 and we could make our escape.

This is Cam's drawing, representation of his feelings of the event.
I told Cam, that what we were seeing was a glimpse into the future... Kim's randomness+ Cam's endless store of energy = a ridiculous ball of nonstop A.D.D.ness. He says that's not possible because any child of his will have learned prudence. You are all welcome to quote him on that later.