Sunday, January 24, 2010

Got Milk?

My co-worker just created a hilarious new website called

Seriously it's a crack-up. He found on a list that the FDA has about which codes on your milk belong to which dairy, and made a really slick website to showcase it. Here's where I come in: In efforts to make this the coolest website about milk you've ever been to, he wanted little icons to represent each of the products that a dairy produces. Since I happen to do icons, he asked me to design them. The outcome: Awesomeness.

So, to check out my latest artistic endeavors, and to find the answer to that question I know you've been asking...


  1. My hubs works in the dairy industry, so I know my milk & ice cream comes from right up the road :) I like it :)

  2. Kim, I have now fulfilled a life long dream of knowing where my milk comes from! Thank you!