Saturday, January 16, 2010


So one of the things Cameron has been having to get used to this last year is my mixed-up memory. It does funny things like when I have to remember a phone number, it can remember all the right numbers, but not necessarily in the right order. Often it remembers half an important piece of information... like the right street, but in the wrong city (true story). This is the kind of remembering I did today.

So my friends at work Spencer and Lizzy got married yesterday (Congrats) and we were planning on going to their wedding reception tonight. So we got all dressed up, got a present, and headed off to 116 W Center Street in Provo to the reception center. We found the reception center and hopped into the long reception line. The table for the presents was across the room, so I sent Cam over to put our present down while I waited. When he came back he pulled me out of line and had me look at the couple at the other end of the line... I didn't recognize either of them.


So turns out I had the place right on this one... I even knew it was Saturday from 6-9. Turns out the reception is next Saturday.


  1. You have the best stories! I'm jealous. And just by the way, I'm right there with you on the memory issues, ask anyone in the family. I've become a big fan of lists :)

  2. Haha. As I was reading this, I first thought to myself, "Their reception was last night? No...I don't think it was. Was it?" That thought soon turned into "Shoot...did we really miss their reception? Sad. :(" That thought soon turned into "Oh Kim and Cam. How embarrassing."

    I really am jealous sometimes that you two seem to have such great adventures. :)

  3. :) well, we very much appreciate that you wanted to come! Indeed, it's on the 23rd :) Do come this week, though!! We'd so love to see you!!!