Monday, February 8, 2010

An eventful day

I may or may not be writing today from the BYU Health center Urgent Care unit… it’s been a day.

My mission today didn’t start out too bad: 3 copies of my portfolio and resume due by 4PM so that my professor take them with when he flies out to New York tonight. Originally, this was only mildly complicated due the fact that I have class from 9:30-1 and Cameron has been feeling a little under the weather all weekend. Doable.

I woke up this morning at 6:30, and hurried to get ready so I could get everything printed this morning before class even started. Unfortunately, Cam’s “under the weather” had turned into “sick and pathetic” so he went out to go get some drugs, while I set up my document so it would be ready to print as soon as I got there. I got to Kinkos at 8, and dropped $57 so that they could color copy a 16 page portfolio on cardstock 3 times. By the time that was over, it was already 9, so I didn’t have time to cut it or bind it, just enough to drive home and run to class.

Finally, 3.5 dragging hours later I got out of class ran to work and started cutting out my pages out. Cam, although feeling sick was nice enough to drive out to school and pick me up. Back at Kinkos I dropped another $12 for binding, then drove back to work because I realized left my resume copies there. I parked and ran to work, on my way flipping through the pages to make sure everything turned out just right-dang it. In one of the books the middle section of pages were backwards.

I continued running to work to get my resumes, still trying to decided if I had time to get it fixed or not. The whole time I was in the office I kept going back and forth about whether it was worth it. Eventually I decided that I had already spent $23 on this book (57+12/3) and that was too much to send it off wrong. So I ran back to the car, drove back to Kinkos, we re-printed the off pages, re-cut them, and re-bound the book. The desk guy was nice/smart enough to not charge me saying it was probably his mistake (I would have probably cried and posted a mean tweet if they had charged me the extra $7).

I sped back to school, ran to class, and handed my portfolio to my professor at 3:45. I drove home to Cam who I had left to fend for himself all day, only to find he had gotten worse and now had a puss-filled eye infection to boot. Now we’re here waiting in the urgent care… at least it’s the first time all day I’ve been able to sit down.

I’ll post the portfolio pics in a few days when I can stand to think about it again.

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  1. Wow, I really feel for you! I hope cam is feeling better!