Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ice Fishing?

Nope, we didn't go ice fishing. Nope, we don't know these people. Yep, I'm married to Kim Horch...

This past Monday was President's Day and we decided to honor them by making a little trip up to Park City Utah. We wanted to go to the Sundance film festival there, but life was too busy while it was going on. So we settled for a self guided tour up and down main street. However, we didn't even make it to Park City before our adventure began. We were driving past Deer Creek Reservoir up Provo Canyon when:

Cam: Hey look, its frozen over. Do you think we could ice skate on it?
Kim: No way its probably really thin.
Cam: Yeah it hasn't been that cold.

Cam & Kim: Hmmmm

After some debate about what would possess people to act in such a chilly way, we decided that they were ice fishing, and before I knew it we were pulling over to get some pictures of these crazy Utah locals.

We chatted with this family for a few minutes while they proudly displayed their catch for us.

Then on to Park City, the rest of the day wasn't too eventful. There were lots of cool art galleries, eclectic decorating stores and some neat restaurants. The overarching theme was: expensive. But we had a really fun time and even saw some pretty fun things. Enjoy.

"My picture...umm sure"

"Oh... you mean me... um do you want me to pose? Or can I keep working?"

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