Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Things I have been putting off until graduation

…because it’s so close and I can see the end, there are a couple things I’ve been putting off either because I don’t have time now, or I’m hoping I can get out of it if I ignore it long enough:

  • Start applying to get a real job.
  • Figuring our how long exactly we’re going to be in New York
  • Try to figure out where we’re living when we move to Portland.
  • Edit our wedding video (We’ve only been married a year and three months… I like to think it’s still forgivable that I haven’t done this yet.)
  • Cleaning off my desk
  • Getting a haircut (my last one was in May…yikes.)
  • Deciding how I’m going to convince Cam that his snorkel does not need to move with us
  • Update my blog background... yes I know it's out of date.
  • Reading a book…it’s been awhile. Any suggestions?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My first business trip

I had a fantastic opportunity this week to go on my first ever business trip. My capstone Advertising class has been working on a campaign for the launch of a new product from Butterfinger. This week a lucky few of us got to go to the Nestle HQ in LA and help them come up with ideas.

We were only there 2 days, and yes it was a true business trip in the sense that I was in the building during all daylight hours, but it was a great learning experience. I realized that pretty much the real world is exactly like what I've been doing for the last couple years, because I had no problem brainstorming with the other agencies and I discovered I actually had things to contribute! It certainly is nice to know as I'm out looking for real jobs that I can totally handle this! Here's the team from BYU in front of the Nesbuilding:
The other awesome thing that we got to do was tour a couple agencies and meet some cool people there in LA. I know we're headed to Portland and that I'm looking for an agency up there, but if I wasn't this would be my #1 based on sheer coolness of the building (and good work too...)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Our Dream Job on Video!

Cameron and Kim's Dream Job... He gets to make cool stuff, and I get to make a mess. A seriously fabulous video by OK Go- the guys that did the infamous treadmill video.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Parenting: Fun while it lasted

Yesterday we got the new ward directory… you guessed it….we had to say goodbye to Spencer.

For those of you who missed the story, back in October, when our Ward Directory got dropped off at our door, we realized something fantastic—we had a child we didn’t know about. Each of the directory listings had the adults’ names above the picture, and any children listed below. Sure enough, below Cameron and Kim, the directory said “Spencer”.

Well, since it’s not everyday you acquire a child, we decided to be the best parents that little Spencer could have asked for. We had fun family outings, balanced baking cookies with eating our vegetables ,and never stayed out too late. But as all good things go, when the new directory came, we realized that Spencer’s real parents must have wanted him back, because he was gone.

Unfortunately, it will probably be a while before we end up with another child (real or otherwise), it turns out imaginary parenting is exhausting.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mental Health

As most of you know now, Cam and I are down to our last 2 months here at BYU. Last week was the end of first block, which meant the end of my photography class that was so much fun and SO much time (8 hours each week to be exact).

When I planned my schedule out in December I managed to wiggle my way into a tennis class that would start second block and be at the same time that the photography class was first block. But just this week I remembered something: I don’t need the credit to graduate, nor do I need it to have enough credits for the semester. What I do need is the time. So after a long and difficult struggle with myself over whether mental or physical health was more important for me, I decided not to take the class.

The good news for all of my blog readers, you will now be spared from posts—or worse—pictures of me trying to play tennis. Instead, at the request of Lizzy who most graciously lent me her camera for the photography class, I will post my intro to photography final:

Brandon and Katelyn deserve a shout out for doing a photoshoot with me and being totally awesome--Thanks for the patience guys!