Monday, March 1, 2010

Mental Health

As most of you know now, Cam and I are down to our last 2 months here at BYU. Last week was the end of first block, which meant the end of my photography class that was so much fun and SO much time (8 hours each week to be exact).

When I planned my schedule out in December I managed to wiggle my way into a tennis class that would start second block and be at the same time that the photography class was first block. But just this week I remembered something: I don’t need the credit to graduate, nor do I need it to have enough credits for the semester. What I do need is the time. So after a long and difficult struggle with myself over whether mental or physical health was more important for me, I decided not to take the class.

The good news for all of my blog readers, you will now be spared from posts—or worse—pictures of me trying to play tennis. Instead, at the request of Lizzy who most graciously lent me her camera for the photography class, I will post my intro to photography final:

Brandon and Katelyn deserve a shout out for doing a photoshoot with me and being totally awesome--Thanks for the patience guys!

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