Saturday, March 20, 2010

My first business trip

I had a fantastic opportunity this week to go on my first ever business trip. My capstone Advertising class has been working on a campaign for the launch of a new product from Butterfinger. This week a lucky few of us got to go to the Nestle HQ in LA and help them come up with ideas.

We were only there 2 days, and yes it was a true business trip in the sense that I was in the building during all daylight hours, but it was a great learning experience. I realized that pretty much the real world is exactly like what I've been doing for the last couple years, because I had no problem brainstorming with the other agencies and I discovered I actually had things to contribute! It certainly is nice to know as I'm out looking for real jobs that I can totally handle this! Here's the team from BYU in front of the Nesbuilding:
The other awesome thing that we got to do was tour a couple agencies and meet some cool people there in LA. I know we're headed to Portland and that I'm looking for an agency up there, but if I wasn't this would be my #1 based on sheer coolness of the building (and good work too...)


  1. That is a pretty rad place to work....

  2. That is so awesome. You are such a talented person.