Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Things I have been putting off until graduation

…because it’s so close and I can see the end, there are a couple things I’ve been putting off either because I don’t have time now, or I’m hoping I can get out of it if I ignore it long enough:

  • Start applying to get a real job.
  • Figuring our how long exactly we’re going to be in New York
  • Try to figure out where we’re living when we move to Portland.
  • Edit our wedding video (We’ve only been married a year and three months… I like to think it’s still forgivable that I haven’t done this yet.)
  • Cleaning off my desk
  • Getting a haircut (my last one was in May…yikes.)
  • Deciding how I’m going to convince Cam that his snorkel does not need to move with us
  • Update my blog background... yes I know it's out of date.
  • Reading a book…it’s been awhile. Any suggestions?


  1. Of course the snorkel is coming. I have the matching flippers at my parents house.

  2. I have a LOT of book suggestions- I kind of went on a reading kick this year. One of my favorites is "The Hunger Games" by Suzanna Collins, then there's a sequel- "Catching Fire." And it's completely forgivable that your wedding video isn't edited yet. -Emily Hawkes

  3. Yeah, the snorkel... Good luck with that. You realize even if the snorkel is "lost" in the move, a new and better one will probably find it's way home :)

  4. good luck! apartment hunting in portland can be done from NY. do the haircut first i always feel better after that.

  5. Give up on the snorkel thing....that's my first suggestion. The east river has lots of things to see underwater! Cameron could be a material witness in SEVERAL cases after just one trip!