Thursday, May 27, 2010

A few of our favorite things

We've heard what you guys loved- no worries, we've been hard at work doing as many as possible (sorry Trevor, the helicopter ride looks great, but we're on a budget...) I'm getting ready to post those next week, Friday is your last chance to recommend something we should do in the contest! In the mean time, here are a few of our favorite things that we've discovered on our own:
The Apollo Theater on Amateur Night.
Trying to describe it is going to be difficult, but I'll try my best: A little American Idol but with about 30 times the energy and drenched in soul. The hosts sang and tap-danced and had us sing along. I think my favorite part was the little dance competition they had to start it off- they host grabbed four random people and had them come up on stage- then he had them show off their moves... The first lady was pretty good- a harlem local. The next lady was also from harlem, but wore a huge hat and was pushing 70. She had a hard time walking up on stage, so I was entirely surprised when she broke out a two step.

Staten Island
Not so exciting to visit, but I decided that if I ever actually work in New York, that's where I would want to live... mostly because it's only a 25 minute ferry away, and so unlike New York (There are green hills and actual houses...seriously!)

Toys R Us in Times Square
We've been there twice already- it's a 3 level toystore with a 4-story ferris wheel inside! They also recreated most of new york out of legos, and have a life-size barbie house. I know this sounds sell-out, but I liked it a little better than F.A.O. Schwartz.

A fantastic part of town that has a very So. Cal vibe. I had probably the best fish and chips since london there. Cameron loved trying to decide how big of a sailboat he wants when he grows up.

I'm still in the market for a favorite pizza place and a great shoe store... anyone have one to recommend?

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  1. I just realized I never posted any suggestions! Mostly, I love the shops on 5th avenue. The Toys R Us was my favorite, and the NBA store is pretty awesome. The Disney and M&Ms stores are cool too. It's also fun to go into the super posh stores like Tiffany's and browse. You feel a little white-trash-y, but they can't stop you from looking! (And taking pictures, as long as they don't see you...) China town is awesome, a great place to find fun souvenirs for cheap- look for name-brand perfume and cologne there for super cheap. And set at least a day aside to go check out the Metropolitan Museum of Natural History. (I think that's it- it's right on Central Park.)