Monday, May 3, 2010

Just a small town in a real big city

My first day in New York was... new. Yes, lots of new experiences. First, Kim went to work today and had a great time there. She probably wants to blog this herself, but she has her own cubicle, name plate, outlook account and phone extension! She had a great time at work today. I don't have any work yet, but we're trying to remedy that situation quickly; actually, I spent most of the day looking for a job.

I started out this morning by walking down broadway st. and asking every restaurant with waiters between 120th and 98th if they were hiring. I got 5 or 6 "come back tomorrow"s. So we will see what happens then. I also lined up two interviews for jobs posted on craigslist and started the application process with Columbia University. It was a good job hunting day.
Besides all that I:
  1. had lunch in my overheated 7th floor apartment
  2. took the subway all by myself
  3. accidentally ended up in the middle of Harlem (see #2)
  4. found out what "the projects" are (see #3)
  5. found a bus all by myself to get out of the middle of Harlem (see#4)
  6. got drenched in a freak thunderstorm
  7. applied to work at a hotel as I waited for the storm to pass
  8. bought groceries for 3 times what I would pay in Utah
  9. ate dinner with Kim in morningside park
and I didn't even get mugged once! I'd say that counts as a pretty good day. We'll see what tomorrow brings... hopefully a job!


  1. Are you guys close to Columbia? I remember my parents lived right by Morningside park when my dad was going to school there. We found the Seinfeld restaurant around there when we visited one time- it's on Broadway and 112th? or 120th? Or maybe I'm totally off.

  2. nice work! thanks for sharing your adventure with us. I LOVE how you personalize your blog background!

  3. Yeah- we're in the IHouse at Columbia- It's nice because our window overlooks riverside park and the hudson. Cam thinks he found that restaurant, but he didn't watch Seinfeld enough to be sure.

  4. I couldn't stop laughing Cam! I'm glad that your day was successful in that you didn't get mugged :)

  5. Congratulations, Cameron! White clean cut boy in the projects and you didn't get mugged??? I'd say that's a FABULOUS day! You're funny! What a fun adventure for you two together!