Sunday, May 2, 2010

Live from New York!

After Whitney’s wedding yesterday, which at least by my reckoning was a success (and you can check out my FB for pictures) we got back to my parent’s late, started packing, and got to bed a little after midnight… which was less than ideal considering our flight to NY left at 6:20 this morning. Thankfully, it was uneventful.

When we got to the airport though, we decided that rather than spend $30 on a cab, we would take the bus. Although I wouldn’t say I regret that decision, it was certainly more interesting… our three suitcases trying to fit on a crowded, hot, muggy bus.

My favorite part was at one point the bus was completely packed and we got to a stop and 5 or 6 people were trying to get on. The driver asked everyone to move back, and people yelled from the back that there wasn’t any room. The driver said we weren’t moving until we made room, and a guy trying to get on was yelling in a fantastic NY accent, “Where is the love?” and “I can’t wait for the next bus, I have to get home for the basketball game!” Somehow we all squeezed on.

We finally made it to the I-house and checked in to our room… rooms? We ended up getting a little more than we bargained for. Our room is fantastically large- but our apartment has two other bedrooms that belong to two girls, on from Turkey and the other that we haven’t met yet. From what we understand this room is a temporary one, and the people in the studio we are getting should be moving out this week. We’ll see. In the meantime- this is us: very hot and tired, but thrilled to be in NYC!

Yup...that is a single bed with a cot rolled up next to it... they like to roll apart. No it doesn't work to lay the other way because the cot is ridiculously squish and the bed is quite firm.

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