Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Internship

Here's where I work:

Here's what I'm working on:

Here's what I do all day:
Babies Everywhere...And they call it "research".

I guess I can explain a little more- I work at an advertising agency in Strategic Services, and my current client is Huggies. That means that what I do all day is research babies, products, and mothers. It's my job to know where moms are when they're online and what they're doing. It's fun- I guess of I'm going to be researching the same thing all day, I'm glad that it's something cute!


  1. So cool! I could use a heavy dose of research on all of that right now! ;)

  2. So now I'm totally curious about what you DO though? :) Another post perhaps?

    By the way, I'm loving reading about you guys' adventures in NY... SO FUN!

  3. FUN!

    Work is ok. We learned yesterday that no one is allowed to work more than 20 hours a week because (we found out today) that HR is cutting our budget back to what it was THREE YEARS AGO. It's going to cripple us. They don't understand. We won't have the funds to allow trainers to develop CS5 or Office 2010. Way to tell us three weeks into Spring semester, guys.

    Needless to say, Paul, Spencer and I are starting our 2nd job search tomorrow. When you plan on having income for the summer that you're not going to get - you do what you gotta do.

    I am so jealous you're working for "The Bump." I think the knot, the nest and the bump are the best ever.