Thursday, May 6, 2010

Settling into the city

Well, it turns out we’re not getting moved into our own apartment for a couple weeks, so we’ll just have to get used to enjoying life with our roommates. It also thankfully has been less hot and gross- I even brought a jacket when we went out this evening. Didn’t need it though.

We went grocery shopping again tonight- our third time since we got here Sunday. That’s mostly because the first two times we went everything was so expensive we didn’t want to buy anything and then realized when we got home that we still didn’t have any food (seriously though, 5$ for Raisin Bran? 2$ for a can of spaghetti sauce? Not the way I was raised!). There aren’t any grocery stores near us, just markets and little stands, from what I found the only grocery stores on the Island are Whole Foods and Trader Joes, which I was told was the cheapest… probably because they at least keep a similar price to their stuff in the rest of the country. Finally, I have food again!

Since I’ve been working every day, we’ve only been able to adventure after I get home around 5:45 (5+subway time) so we’ve only really wandered around our neighborhood and made one trip out to central park. Don’t worry, we’ve got some crazy stuff planned for this weekend that you’ll have to come back for! In the meantime, some pictures!

Monday's Adventure: A walk through Morningside park for FHE

Tuesday: Exploring our neighborhood- cam is standing just outside our building. That's the riverside church behind him- it's HUGE!
Wednesday: Finally we got to central park and explored the SW corner from Strawberry Fields to the castle. (Can you tell Cam's been craving green? we pretty much have just hit up parks)
Today I took a picture of under the subway station I get on to go to work every day- I have to go up the escalator to get up there. It's kinda dirty, but the light coming through it looks awesome.

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