Friday, May 14, 2010


Cameron and I visited Neverland today! More commonly known as F.A.O. Schwarz or the toy store with the REALLY big piano, it was fantastic and awesome. We have a surprise for you:

Surprise # 2:

So a ton of my research for my internship about what moms do online has been on blogs—Shopping blogs and savings blogs and mommy blogs and a zillion other blogs in that vein. One thing that all these blogs have in common that I’ve always wanted to do is… have a giveaway!

So here’s what I’m going to do. We’re here in NY for a few more weeks. What I want you to do iscomment with the most awesome thing we should do while we’re here; it could be a restaurant you’ve been to, a cool historical thing you know about, a place where a movie scene was filmed… whatever!

We’ll do the ones that sound most interesting, and then pick our very favorite and bring the winner an *I (heart) NY shirt! Sound like fun? –Great! Let’s play!

*Should the winner already be the proud owner of a I (heart) NY shirt, a more original prize will happily be negotiated!


  1. ZABARS. It's a wonder grocery store. Buy Green's CHOCOLATE BABKA. It's a sweet bread. You have never had such a delight.

  2. I say go to a Broadway production. Any will do, but the better the production, the more likely I will be to get the t-shirt ;).

  3. I've always wanted to go to a broadway show too brandon! I say Phantom, or Hairspray, or Lion King cause you've already seen Wicked. When I went we saw a show called "In the Heights" which was really new and pretty good too! We also saw the statue of Liberty but didn't get to go up to the crown cause it was still closed but I hear that since Obama's been president, he opened it up again so you can go up to the crown.... so that'd be cool but you'd have to go on a nice day if you want to see anything (in November it was kinda foggy).
    You have to eat some New Yorker style PIZZA!
    Oh and you have to go to MACY's... even if you don't buy anything you can appreciate the massive size of all EIGHT stories (one story is just SHOES!!! kim, you'd like that!)
    Otherwise, like I said on the phone you have to go to Chinatown and go into some rundown store with a few purses and such on the walls and ask them to go down in the basement to see the TONS OF PURSES and wallets and sunglasses and even some shoes... fake prada, coach, coco channel, gucci, whatever you want!
    OH and i have a New York City shirt... not a I heart NY but that splatter paint shirt cause i thought it looked cooler so hum... how bout a foam crown? kidding idk we will see!

  4., here's our suggestion which comes after much debate (I tried to find the fun Italian restaurant that we ate at several times, and of course there is the fun greek lady with the street vending a couple of blocks south of colombus circle on 8th, she's a blast! Walk up and say "what's good?" and she'll take care of you!)

    Anyway...the best gelato I have EVER had in the United States was right after we got out the Lion King (we're pretty sure) anyway...what we DO know is that it kind of shares an entrance with Madame Tussauds (on 42nd west of Broadway) and has all sort of gelato flavors in two HUGE freezers. Its all made fresh and with mostly natural ingredients (thus when you get blood orange gelato, there is ACTUAL blood orange in there...but not actual blood) THE BEST GELATO EVER!!! Also, if you can figure out the name, tell us.

  5. The best thing I did when I was in New York was buy the cutest little pet turtle in ChinaTown for like $5. It lived for over a year, and made two trips from Idaho to Virginia. Quite a hardy little guy. He brought me so much joy and lived in this little pond cage and was super easy maintenance. So I say, go buy a pet turtle and see if its not the best thing you've ever done! : )

  6. Okay Cameron and Kim, here is one of the top things to go see (if you haven't already). Broadway is cool and all, but you need to go to Dylan's Candy Bar on 1011 Third Ave (E 60th st.). Basically, it has any kind of candy and chocolate you would ever want and the store is so much fun to be in. (

    And afterwards you can walk east on 60th and ride the Tram over to Roosevelt Island and get a different view of Manhattan and the UN buildings and have a picnic or something. You can just use your MetroCard to ride the tram over. (And it's the same Tram in Spiderman 2 when Spidey has to save the people in the tram car and Mary Jane at the same time, so there's a cool pop culture reference for you, too.)

  7. K Cameron and Kim....track down Levain Bakery. On Food Network, there was a Bobby Flay challenge to Levain Bakery, so you know it's AWESOME. They make HUGE, ginormous cookies...I couldn't even finish the whole thing! It was really thick and chewy and YUMMY. Bring cash - they don't accept cards.

    Also, the Sony Wonder Technology lab was awesome and free. Make a reservation online.

  8. Ok, I say Letterman show, eat at the Seinfeld diner and say hi to Jerry and George (Tom's Restaurant, 2880 Broadway on the corner of 112th), or watch the movie An affair to remember or Sleepless in Seattle and reenact the scene at the top of the empire state building.

    Good luck Mark

  9. I was impressed by the United Nations Building. It is where history is made and will be made. I think I would also visit Ground Zero memorial if I were going there now.