Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Bus

So far on our trip around the east coast, we've taken a few short bus trips.
  • We took a chinatown bus to Boston (not bad)
  • We took the Bolt bus from NY to DC (a very nice bus- I wholeheartedly recommend it)
  • A 4 hour greyhound trip from DC to Charlottesville
But none compared to the 16 hour bus trip that we just took from Charlottesville VA to Columbus OH. Here is my account of our epic trip:

9:00PM arrived at bus station in Charlottesville
9:30 PM The bus was supposed to leave, but it wasn't there yet.
10:00 PM Cam asked why the bus still wasn't there, the desk lady said because they changed the schedule on our tickets, but no one told the drivers... so They would be in at 10:30.
11:00 PM our bus finally leaves.
12:15 AM I woke up from a brief nap in Lynchburg VA
1:30 AM Woke up again in Roanoke VA
3:45 AM Got dropped off in Wytheville VA for our transfer. Unarguably the most disgusting place I've been in my life (and I lived in Harlem). It was tiny and dirty, and bugs covered every surface of it since they left the door open and they all flew to the light. Suddenly I was so glad that our bus had been late, because it turned our 4.5 hour layover into 2.5 hours. There was an out of place flatscreen playing Transformers 2- Only the creepy desk attendant was watching.
5:00 AM Transformers was over, so the desk attendant started watching an 80's movie called "the Highwayman"- quoting his favorite lines at the top of his lungs.
5:30 AM It started getting light out so we moved to the less gross bench outside. And cameron enjoyed his breakfast snack-pack.
6:00 AM McDonald's across the street opened- so I went to use a restroom that didn't repulse me.
6:30 AM The next bus came and I happily got on. I was in and out for the next 3 hours.
10:00 AM Charleston, West Virginia
11:00 AM Kentucky? didn't see that one coming
2:15 PM finally rolled into Columbus, Ohio after nearly 17 hours for the very last leg of our journey.

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