Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The capitol in an hour

Wednesday we drove out to visit Williamsburg. We were about to drive past Richmond, but we saw a sign directing us to the visitor’s center, and decided so we could stop in for a second. We went in and asked the elderly volunteer what the things are that one must see in Richmond, VA. He asked how long we were staying and we said that we had about an hour. I think we personally insulted both him and his beloved city because he went off about how you can’t see the capitol in an hour. There was another man in the center who suggested we go to the art museum, to which our guide said the art museum required a whole day.

He eventually decided to send us down Monument Avenue, “one of the most beautiful avenues in America” with monuments to civil war heroes. We took his advice and did a drive by, literally (Pictured here, the monument to Jeff Davis and the back seat of the car). We also drove passed the White House of the Confederacy, which was surrounded by taller industrial buildings.

Then he told us that at very least, on the way out, we should take the scenic hwy 5 instead of the interstate because, “on 64 you won’t see anything, just more interstate. 5 is the oldest Hwy in America, lined with old plantations.”

I think my favorite part is that everything in NY was the biggest, but everything here in Virginia has to have its own superlative also. We passed a lot of “first” “oldest” and when nothing else qualifies, “most beautiful” sites, on our way out to Jamestown, the first settlement.

I don't think that I have ever been as hot in my life as I was that day in Williamsburg. 110 degrees and ridiculously humid. 2 hours of walking around was all I could handle before we had to make a Baskin Robin's stop. We also walked around Jamestown, which was cool, because the whole site is still being dug up, so the archelogist who was there was showing us how they find things in the dig and what they look for.

After that, we drove down to North Carolina-which leads us right in to the post about NC and the power outage (in case you missed it, click here).

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  1. I love Williamsburg and Jamestown-glad you enjoyed them too!