Friday, June 18, 2010

First stop-DC

I saw my first firefly last night! For some reason in my head I always pictured them like bees that glowed yellow as they flew around... but apparently that's not true at all. The ones I saw anyway were greenish, and only lit up for just a few seconds. (Tried to take a picture for you but to no avail.)

Cameron, impressing me with his southern knowledge (mission in Missouri you know) caught one to show me- and it looked like a big ant. Then if flew off into my face and I may or may not have screamed a little.

The last couple days, we stayed here at Cameron's cousin, Rachel's house in Arlington. She was generous enough to let us use her futon for the last two days (and her TV so Cam could watch the game friday). From our base of operations here we visited Arlington, and then Headed over to DC to meet some friends doing internships there who were happy to be our tourguides.
We had a great time walking around- but by the end of the day I was ridiculously sunburnt. So I told the guys I could not spend any more time outside. They agreed I was quite burnt, and decided that we should only visit one more memorial- Jefferson (those of you who have been there know that this is on it's very own, out of the way 4ish mile loop...which I did not know). Needless to say I am now deep fried.
The one building that we were planning to visit, but didn't was the Capitol-which I entirely admit was due to my own stubbornness. We waited in line and got the the front and they said no food or drink (all the other memorials let granola bars and water bottles in my purse through) but they were stubborn about it. So we went and ate our snacks and drank our water and went back. Then they said no containers, meaning my empty water bottles. It was 93 degrees and only 1:00 and I was not going to throw out my water bottle and die of dehydration that afternoon. We skipped the building.

Last night we hopped onto a bus-tired and sunburnt after running around DC-and made it down to Charlottesville VA. Hopefully today we'll figure out where we're going next!

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