Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Follow the Red Brick Road

We decided to spend our Memorial Day in Boston for 3 reasons:

  1. Neither of us have been there and we thought it would be cool to visit, especially on such a patriotic day
  2. Bus tickets were only $15 each
  3. I am greedily state grubbing while I’m here on the east coast, and the trip added Connecticut and Massachusetts to my “been there, done that” list

We decided that the best way to see the city was to walk the freedom trail. I assumed that it was a trail you follow on a map, but no, it’s a very literal stripe of red bricks in the pavement that goes through all the important sites you’ll want to see. Thanks Boston, for making my tourist experience so ridiculously fool proof!

Cam’s favorite part was the tour we took of the USS Constitution. We did the guided tour and got to go below deck which was pretty cool. Once we got off the ship we noticed zillions of jellyfish surrounding the boat. I asked the guy at the info booth if that’s normal and he replied, “yea, there’s sometimes jellyfish in the ha-ba.” Love it.

The thing that was most surprising was that I assumed tons of people would have the same idea as we did, but that was the opposite of true, in fact, by 5pm Boston was pretty much a ghost town and we walked all over tying to find a restaurant that was open to eat at- and ended up in a mall food court because everything else was closed either for the holiday or the Celtics game.

It was also really cool to see places that were so influential in our country becoming what it is today, and to learn about the events that transpired there... so that hundreds of years later we could be out here having a great vacation day.

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