Monday, June 28, 2010

Roughing it Unexpectedly

So I had a post ready for posting Thursday, but I have to interrupt it in order to explain why I haven't been able to post for the last five days.
Cam and I went to North Carolina on Wed to see my former roomie Brooke and her husband Kevan. We had fun catching up and discovering things like NC style BBQ, Shaved Ice, and their awesome museum of natural history.
Then we drove the four hours back to Charlottesville (drive highlight: fireflies on the windshield). When we got to the exit, the traffic lights were out. As we drove back to Cameron's aunt's we noticed trees and branches all over the road and power was out everywhere. It turns out they had a huge windstorm just hours before we got back. Luckily the two trees that went down in the yard missed the house.
So the power went out Thursday night at 5 or so, and was still out when we woke up the next morning. We didn't have phone lines, or even cell phone service, which meant no internet. But Cam and I needed to get our bus tickets, so we drove out to go find a starbucks with wireless and ended up finding one in a mall. It was also nice to be somewhere with air conditioning because it was 100 degrees that day.
We finally got cell phone reception at 5, and power back around 9 friday night. But the internet was out until just before we left at 9 on Saturday. Perhaps the coolest thing that happened was the guy that came to fix the tree in the back yard. half the tree came down, but the other half was still up, without a counterbalance, hanging over the neighbor's house. It was so cool how he would one-handed chop a branch with his chainsaw and had it tied just right to it would swing around so he could lower it down.


  1. I am SO excited to see you guys!!! Have a fun trip home :)

  2. Hey that's me! I'm glad you guys came down to visit! We miss you!