Sunday, June 6, 2010

Stuff I Get Geeked Up About

I've always known I'm a bit of a geek- but I realized this week that there are things that I get really excited about that even my geeky advertising buddies have to roll their eyes at...
  • I find a ridiculous amount of joy in watching my google analytics go up. In fact, so much that I'll share it with you-here are my views/week since my blog began:
  • I love sending out surveys and watching the results come in! The best part is reading what people put for text entry questions- people always surprise me.
  • I get a real kick out of finding numbers to prove something. It's awesome how much insight you have when you're basing things off 5oo opinions, instead of just your own
  • I like making graphs- you just get so much more impact.
  • I think my very favorite is being able to look at a client, and without either of us feeling like I'm bragging, I can say with numbers, "look how awesome I did" and neither of us can argue with the numbers :)

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