Sunday, June 13, 2010


Yes- it’s that time! We’ve been here now for 6 whole weeks- and yesterday was our very last Saturday in NY, which means that we have now accomplished as many of your recommendations as was physically possible! Seriously, your suggestions helped us find some of our favorite places. Here’s what we did (in no particular order):

Lizzy- I think Chocolate Babka is Cameron’s new favorite food. We went twice- and even used it as Cam’s birthday cake!

KayCee- Turns out tickets to the statue of liberty crown are sold out through August. Oh and I definitely saw my share of the purse guys without even going to basements- they walk around battery park with huge boxes on dollies and say, “Coach? Prada?”

Trevor- When we come back to New York once I have a job that’s paid, we will for sure check out the helicopter tour and let you know how it was…

Carissa- I saw the turtles and really wanted one! The only problem was that I didn’t know how to get them home on the plane. If you have ideas let me know- I still have a few days to run down and get one!

Emily- The Natural History Museum didn’t have many of the exhibits that I expected after Night at the Museum, but I liked the fossil gallery and Cam liked the exhibits about the different peoples and how they lived.

Dad- The line for the Empire State Building is like 10years long, so rather than enact sleepless in Seattle, we chose to do the Newsies.

Brandon- I don’t know if we can give you credit for the advice to see a Broadway show… there was no way that Cam was going to come and not see one. We went to 2.5 actually- Phantom (Great) Lion King (Splendid) and Cam went to Wicked (Favorite).

Grandma- Ground zero was really interesting- I just couldn’t believe everything that went on in such a small place. They had a temporary visitor’s center that had a recording booth where you could record your story about where you were and what you remember. I love the design for the monument that is being built there- very fitting I think.

Bryson- It’s called Screme. I had a coconut and a mango Gelato. Cameron had grapefruit (surprisingly tasty). The guy was patient while I sampled 3 and then picked 2 that I didn’t sample… which puts this place head and shoulders above street venders.

And now *drumroll please*:

Runner-up award for the best laid plans: Scott- We loved that you were even detailed enough to have the afternoon planned out for us! Dylan’s Candy Bar was Yum- we loved the chocolate-covered Oreos, but we are sad to inform you that the tram to Roosevelt Island is out of service until October. We still took the subway over to see the view and took the bus around the whole island which took about 10 minutes. You also get props for being the most "on brand"...

And our seriously very hard to choose winner is:

Alie- Levain’s Bakery for the best cookie I’ve had in my life! It was so thick and gooey it was almost a brownie. Cam got a glass of whole milk (ick) with his and called it dinner. On par was the recommendation to visit the Sony Technology Lab- our favorite part was the machine that sensed your body movements and made an animated character dance like you. Altogether a very cool and fantastically free experience.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions/entries!


  1. Kim, when I go to gelato places, I sample EVERY flavor, its half of the fun!

  2. Fun! I'm so glad you liked the bakery. I saw it on a Bobby Flay Food Network challenge and knew it had to be a winner. Tyler and I did A LOT of research before our NY trip last summer to make sure we found stuff to do! I think our favorite part of the Sony Wonder Technology lab was the dancing and the video games (although there were a lot of bossy kids the day we went, so unfortunately we didn't get to do everything we wanted to do.) I'm so glad you guys enjoyed NYC! :) It's been fun reading about your adventures!

  3. No suggestions for the turtle. I was driving when I was there. I guess if you really wanted one you could check what the airlines policy is for traveling with pets. But don't go that far on my account. Glad you guys had fun-that went by fast!

  4. I'm going to miss hearing about your New York adventures!