Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The question that I get asked at work just about every morning is, “what did you do last night?” Usually I have a pretty good answer, since Cam and I try to go have an adventure every day. The funniest part though is how many times I hear, “huh, I’ve never been there” as a response.

When we went to the statue of liberty and Ellis Island 2 weekends ago, I was telling my supervisor about it and she mentioned that she had never been there- after growing up in New Jersey and now working in New York for 6 years. I actually can’t tell you how many people in my office said the same thing.

I think it’s because there isn’t any urgency. When you’re a tourist you have 3 days to see everything, so you’re going to plan to squeeze it all in. For us, we have 7 weeks so I’ve noticed there are some things we haven’t done because we’ll “do it next week”. If you lived here, we’ll then there’s no deadline at all (since landmarks don’t really wander off).

One of the guys in my office worked for 3 years in the basement of the Empire State Building and he’s never been to the top. I lived in Utah for 4 years and never went skiing. Where haven't you been?


  1. Never been to the Great Salt Lake, even though I've driven to Salt Lake City hundreds of times throughout my life.

  2. Never gone surfing after living in California for 18 years.