Friday, June 11, 2010

WICKED Awesome

I won the Wicked lottery today- Which was exciting and thrilling because I absolutely love that show! That means that I won the opportunity to buy two front row tickets to Wicked tonight for only 25$ each!

What you may be asking right now is, "then why is she blogging and not watching the show?"

Funny story.

So this actually isn’t the first time I’ve won the Wicked Lottery. Those of you who have been following my life for awhile now know that almost 3 years ago I won tickets for me and my roommate Alana in LA-and it was amazing! We split front row center, with only the conductor between us and the stage.

Some of you may also know that when I went to London two years ago, our directors took the whole group to Wicked-and it was amazing! The actors had fantastic English and Scottish accents, which made them so much more awesome.
Today I entered the lottery with Cameron and one of my good friends who was here on an internship with me. Cameron has always wanted to see Wicked. Sarah has tried to enter five times while we were here, and she’s leaving tomorrow. I have been twice. So I made them go. I went shoe shopping, called my mom, and then went home to eat cereal and blog. Altogether a very accomplished day.

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  1. Wow, you're a better person than I could ever hope to be.