Sunday, July 4, 2010

Been there, done that?

So we made it to Ohio and Brandon's wedding went with only one hitch (theirs). I'll post pictures as soon as I get them.

But our trip is now officially over, and there's just one little matter that needs to be settled...
Here's the map of the states we've been to- pretty impressive given the fact that before this trip I had never been to a state east of Colorado. Perhaps the greatest regret of my life thus far is that I didn't make it to Rhode Island while I was less than an hour away in Boston. I'm also bummed that I don't get to count Pennsylvania, because the highway we drove on followed the New Jersey border even though I could see Pennsylvania the whole time.

However, you may notice that I am claiming Missouri. Cameron says I can't count it, I definitely feel like I should be able to. Here's the story:

So on our flight home we had a layover in Kansas City, Missouri. We landed, and discovered that to get to our next plane, we had to leave the terminal and take a bus to the other terminal. Now, normally I would never count a layover as having been to a state, but we actually left the terminal and went OUTSIDE and took a bus and met the Missourian bus driver. Cameron says that still doesn't count (mostly I think he's bitter that he was there 2 years and I was there 1 hour and they both count).

What do you think?

(For the record, it was neither hot nor sticky in Missouri the whole time I was there... I don't know what he's been complaining about).


  1. I think it should count. I think if at any point someone could have asked you "where are you?" and your answer could could have truthfully been "Missouri" - then it should count (even if there was only a 1 hour window for this scenario to happen).

  2. Also, it double counts because you met a real life Missourian in his natural habitat.