Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Coast to Coast

Just a week after dabbling our toes in the Atlantic, we headed out to the Oregon Coast with Cam's family for the 4th.

It was absolutely spectacular out on the beach with fireworks going on in all directions. It was also ridiculously windy and chilly despite the fire we had. The group next to us built a giant trench that they sat in with their fire, covered by a tarp-- which made me nervous given the size of the children I saw going inside the smoke-trapping oven.

The people on the other side of us put on a great show of rockets and fountains, made more exciting by the fact they were trying to light fireworks with one hand while holding their beer with the other. My favorite were the ones that droop like a weeping willow.

The next morning Cam was up early and went out beach combing- he found a nice pocketknife with the initial M (or perhaps W) on it and talked to all the guys with metal detectors about the weather and other interesting things. When I eventually made it to the beach, I checked out the oven- which still was warm and had buried embers but no charred children. I promptly set to work remodeling it into a sand castle.

In the meantime Cam found a live clam. We decided it should be cooked, so Cam used a stick to hold it over the fire, and then used his "new" knife to pry the clam from the shell. By the time he was done with it, it was so sand covered and shredded to pieces that no one would eat it, so it was fed to a seagull who swallowed it whole.

However I did end up with a fantastically in-tact seashell, which I'm thinking may become either my new soap dish or jewelry box.


  1. What wonderful adventures! How in the world are you going to get that shell home without breaking it???

  2. I put it in my purse wrapped in soft things... which means my purse smells funny, but the shell made it!