Monday, July 19, 2010

Hold on to your fanny pack

Today my family went white water rafting again, this time my seven-year-old brother came along... dressed in an oversized wetsuit with aqua-socks, sunglasses rubber banded to his head, a hat and a fanny pack. The worst part is I have no pictures.

As soon as we hit the first wave and he ducked into the middle of the boat, his fanny pack came unclipped and ended up in the boat. Well, I knew he didn't want to loose his fanny pack, so the next time we were about to hit a wave I told him, "hold on to your fanny pack."

Well on our biggest rapid of the day we hit it a little off, and the boat completely flipped and we all fell out. We were all tossed down the river, Cam grabbed Nate as they went over a bunch of rocks but we all ended up on the side of the river. Everyone's drinks and sunscreen were lost to the river, but somehow that fanny pack was still there sitting in the bottom of the boat.

Turns out you can't lose a fanny pack.


  1. I credit that wetsuit with keeping him relatively unscathed from his dip in the river.