Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

We watched the new Sherlock Holmes movie last night- which was pretty good. The thing I can't stand about Sherlock Holmes stories though is that you can't ever guess the end, which takes out so much of the fun. The Prestige I loved because right at the end I put it all together on my own and I felt so dang smart!

But what I did love was the fact that Jude Law was in it. I feel justified thinking that Jude Law is cute knowing that he looks so much like Cam... Proof:

Don't get hung up on the coloring- that's just an inside/outside lighting issue- but seriously, you can't argue with the hairline.

And poor Jude has to be in the movies because Cam is way to busy here with me.


  1. Don't get a nanny...JK The similarity is uncanny!

  2. That's way crazy... I've never thought about it! But they do look alike. Cameron is good to hold down the fort and not run off to be a movie star :)

  3. Yes, I am so good. Being in the limelight really never was my thing.