Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fair Day

My camera broke last week while we were moving- it still takes pictures, but the LCD screen doesn’t work, and there’s no viewfinder, so I have no real idea what I’m taking a picture of. I just thought you should know that before we move into this next picture series…

Last week as per tradition, We went to the opening day of the Clark County fair with my family. We took the C-Tran shuttle over there and wandered through the craft booth. We saw Nathan’s first prize winning Lego creations (he was ecstatic).

Then we did rides, well, mostly Nathan did rides and either my dad or Cam went with him. There were four tickets left so my dad told Cam to go find a ride to go on by himself. He chose the Yo-yo (swings). But it wasn’t interesting enough for him, so he started swinging his seat, and actually hit the poor kid behind him which isn’t supposed to be possible. The poor 7-year-old kid kept yelling “quit it!” but once his momentum was going the wrong way, it’s hard to stop you know.

My Yo-yo picture didn't turn out, so I found this online.
Nate and Dad on the ferris wheel.
Nate and Cam being supermen

Last we went to the “jousting tournament” which actually a show, with a pre-determined winner (and they had to stretch for it to because our favorite guy kept beating him at everything). But they still did real jousting, running at each other on horses with lances and everything, a few of them even broke, which was pretty intense. The only part that was fake was their sword fight to the death at the end... because no one actually died, they just disqualified themselves. I suppose I would too given the alternative.

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