Sunday, August 29, 2010

Going out with a bang

Well, this has been a pretty great summer of adventure... but Cam's School starts tomorrow. We decided it was best to go out with one last bang. Cam convinced a guy from the Sierra club to let him review a hike for a book they're updating. It followed some old train tracks out in the Tillamook National Forest 5 miles out through 2 tunnels and over 2 train tressels. The old guide told us to just listen before crossing, and then go quickly since sometimes the tracks are still used. The guide also told us that if we hear shooting, not to worry because we're out of range of the shooting range...but it wouldn't hurt to bring a whistle.

It's a good thing Cam happened to pack his headlamp...
We're pretty hardcore...
We're planning to tell the Sierra Club not to worry... I don't think many trains make it anymore.
But the official best part of the trip was the next morning, Cam was complaining that he hadn't seen any wildlife, not even squirrels. Not a minute later we looked down by the creek near our camp, and a coyote came trotting out of the trees with something in it's mouth... a stick? Nope. It was a deer leg. I think we all went home satisfied, and more than a little sore.

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