Thursday, August 5, 2010

Home Improvements

So I most of love where we live. It’s fantastically in the middle of a middle-of-nowhere town called Forest Grove.

And I love our apartment- it has tons of space and our manager got a brand new stove for us that I’m thrilled about. Up until yesterday, there were exactly three things about our apartment that I didn’t like. Cameron fixed one yesterday, so now there are two I need solutions for:
1. The sick sounding fan in our bathroom that came on whenever the light turned on. I was trying to decide if I was going to find a lamp to use in there or If I was just going to suffer through it. I asked Cam, and he unscrewed the bolt and disconnected it for me. He’s great.
2. The yellow window. You know the kind, mottled glass from the 70’s (earlier?). Well, it happens to be in our front room. It’s unsightly most of the time, but really gets to me in the late afternoon when the sun shines though it and the whole room turns yellow. I don’t want to loose the light, but I do need to loose the yellow color. Ideas?
3. Our across the balcony neighbor. Although he seems to be a very nice old man, is a heavy smoker. Our complex has a rule that there is no smoking inside apartments, which means that when he has to smoke for three minutes each half hour, he has to go on his balcony and sit on his air conditioner, and look straight through my glass door… which creeps me out a little. I could keep my curtains closed all the time, but then I have no natural light in the front room. Perhaps my best idea so far is to go over and share the word of wisdom. That’s sure to be received well right?


  1. Yellow Window: 1. Learn to like the color. You may think the sun is shining when it is raining, or 2. paint the walls white.
    Smoker: Cover the door with a lace panel so he will see less but you still have light, OR get some reflecting window film to cover the door from a place that sells windows or glass.

  2. For the yellow window, couldn't you get a sheer curtain that would neutralize the yellow color?? I think a blue would work, or it might help at least. And as far as the weirdo goes, tell him to look the other way :)

  3. You're in Forrest Grove? Cool! I was an efy counselor there at Pacific. Its such a beautiful campus. Currently I leave in Beaverton, not too far.