Saturday, August 7, 2010


I think I’ve mentioned before my obsession with running google analytics on my blog, as it’s the only website that I have access to right now. I generally check it after each post goes up, just so I can get an idea about whether it was well received, and make sure no creepos are coming.

The part that’s always really fun to go to though, is the keywords section- it shows me what keywords people typed in to their search bar that brought them to my blog. Here are are a few of the things that I find hilarious:
  • The number 1 keyword that people search that brings them to my blog is “Cameron H___.” Seriously guys? Whose blog is this? That search has brought 126 visits-compared to the 62 visits that came from the number 2 searched: “kim h___ blog.”
  • The search that has the longest average time on site is, “byu butterscotch brownies” which has an average of 36.4 minutes. Which tells me they probably take about that long to prepare.
The top two search results for pages per visit (meaning the person came and then explored the most) are:
  1. Someone who searched, “apartment in new jersey” - which I would have guessed was a fluke after my New Jersey, New Apartment post… except that they stayed 12 minutes and visited 15 pages! Which tells me we didn’t even live there and we were more interesting than actual sites about living in NJ.
  2. “ambi-winker” –visited 7 pages? I suppose it was probably just fulfilling to find someone else with the same disability. Just out of curiosity, I tried typing it in my search bar, and it turns out I am the very first ranked webpage on google for the term.
I would like to finish of today with a list of some of the more funnier search terms that I’ve seen, followed by the number of people who used them:

beauty product range men- 8 visits
best major ever-5 visits (with and average of 10 minutes each)
Cameron cousin nj- 2 visits
Hiking behind y mountain -2 visits
Kim due- 1 visit (6.4 minutes long)
Armies of helaman skits -3 visits
Why liquid detergent- 1 visit
Cameron diaz- 1 visit
Candyland border -3 visits (I checked – I was the top image result for awhile)
Pacific university college of optometry interview- 2 visits (avg. 7 pages)
How to tell a 6 year old about death of a goldfish- 1 visit

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