Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Ten Book Summer

During our first two weeks in New York Kim went to work everyday and when she came home we would go on our adventures. During the day I would look for a job. But after looking for so many hours and putting in so many applications, I would get tried of job hunting. Kim had brought along a copy of The Phantom of the Opera and one afternoon I sat down and read it. I enjoyed reading so much that I went to Goodwill the next day and scoured their shelves for books that I thought would be interesting. I have now finished ten books this summer! I don't pretend to be a literary critic, but this is what I thought of them in a sentence or two:

The Phantom of the Opera - Exciting, full of suspense, and it ends with a beautiful lesson of love and sacrifice. The Broadway show was great as well.

The Bourne Identity - Action thriller with lots of mental stimuli. An entertaining quick read, but not terribly meaningful.

Crime and Punishment - Excruciatingly dark and boring for the first 400 pages with the last 150 making it all totally worth it. It gave great insights into what a crime is and what punishment really is.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - A very emotional series that completely engulfed me in a different world. If you are going to read one, you really must read all three. It left me feeling optimistic about the world and the ability of truth and goodness to overcome trial and evil.

Dandelion Wine - Nostalgic. It seemed to distill the essence of youth and happiness and had a power to take me back to when I was growing up even though my experiences were completely different than the ones described in the book. Warning: don't read this book during the Winter, it will only make you wish it was Summer.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad - A motivational book to say the least. It explains the ideals of the wealthy and dares you to live them.

The Tipping Point - Absolutely fascinating and well written! The nearly 300 pages held my attention the entire time as it examined the causes of epidemics from crime and disease to fashion and fads. It will change your perspective of the world.

Brave New World - Most of the book was racy and morally void but it did make a great case for the danger of allowing science to rule society instead of society ruling science. I especially loved the dialog towards the end where "the savage" bears out what true happiness is and chooses it over freedom from pain and misery. Although he goes too far the other direction to almost indulging in suffering.

I would recommend all of these books to you. Actually, I would recommend simply reading books. I have had so many thoughts this summer that I otherwise wouldn't have had. What books do you recommend that I read next.


  1. REALLY different from the ones on your list, but if you like non-fiction and are fascinated with weird things, The Woman Who Swallowed a Toothbrush is fascinating. I also recommend Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers.

    Both books are AWESOME. But Tyler (and pretty much everyone else) thinks I'm weird.

  2. Sounds interesting! Thanks for the tip.

  3. Since you've already read The Tipping Point, you should continue with the same author and read Blink. It's all about the split-second , knee-jerk decisions/judgments we make, and how accurate they can really be.