Sunday, October 24, 2010

Drive Time

I've mentioned before my new job that I love- and the part that I don't love, that is the 45 minute commute. Well, I've actually come to at least tolerate my commute, and I owe this entirely to podcasts and my new ipod smart playlists.

On the way to work I got so sick of all the morning talk shows that I made a smart playlist called "my morning show." It consists of the next three chapters of the Book of Mormon which I got in audio from After that,
the rest of the way to work I listen to a podcast called Book of Mormon Round Table Discussions by the BYU department of ancient scripture. Although I was nearly turned off by the fact that their album cover is in papyrus, I've learned some really interesting stuff from their discussions, and it's much easier to be nice to other people in traffic while I'm listening to it. You can get them free on itunes.

On the way home, I have a smart playlist that randomly pulls up one of the following podcasts:

Stuff you missed in history class (thanks for the recommend Lizzy) - a really interesting podcast on historical topics, but done by two really funny girls who are in tune with pop culture, and are very good at making topics relevant.

Freakonomics radio - A well put together podcast by some economists who explore questions like, "what could the educational system learn from pandora radio." Although I don't always agree with his conclusions, it's very thought provoking.

NPR's On the media (thanks Paige) - A behind the scenes look at media, how it effects culture, and other nerdy things that those of us in the media find interesting about ourselves.

If you've never tried podasts, I recommend giving them a shot. They're free, and I found I like them much better than spending my entire commute listing to radio djs and commercials. I also get to learn new things everyday, which pretty much rocks.


  1. I was flipping through the BYU channel a month ago and came across a "round table" discussion on the New Testament and it was so fascinating! I learned all these interesting facts. Kind of nerdy, but it was cool! I bet the Book of Mormon one would be even cooler.

  2. Papyrus :)

    Looks like you've got a great line-up and you're getting smarter every day! I am only in the car for a few minutes at a time, so I'm probably getting dumber... last time I was in there, I listened to "barbie girl" which is a horrible, horrible song :)

  3. Yaaay On the Media!!! That's probably the only podcast I listen to on a regular basis. I love it. Thanks for the shout out!! =)