Monday, October 4, 2010

Forest Grove

We decided it's about time you all had the welcome tour to Forest Gro:
Like I've said before, we love how very unconventional things are here. (Yes, the basket is being used as a planter).
We just wanted to share with you a few of our favorite things about Forest Grove, for example, did you know that it is home of the world's largest barbershop pole?
I guess everyone has to be the best at something, right?

It also has lots of fantastic pieces of art. For example, this bronze statue of a man outside the library that makes me jump every time I pass it late at night.
What paper is he so engaged in? None other than the renowned:
(Can you imagine the naming committee? ..Let's call it the 'News' no, the 'Times'...)

We also love the cement plant on our block.
And my favorite house next to the cement plant. Is it just me, or does this 3rd story outside access detached room look like it was once the slave quarters?

Last but not least... When you know you're not great, but you're not that bad either, you should probably be honest about it, right? The Pole is in the way, but this is OK Floral.
Cameron was concerned you would all think we scoured the town for this stuff... It's actually all within about 3 blocks of us.