Sunday, October 31, 2010


Last night our church had a trunk or treat, essentially an excuse for kids to still get candy because they don't want to go trick-or-treating on Sunday. Adults (including Cam and I) give out candy from the back of our cars, which are often decorated. Ours just happened to be the coolest, no seriously, children told us that:
But that's not all. We made our very own soundtrack of scary animal noises that we had play from the car speaker (with silences in between) so kids wouldn't see it coming. THEN we didn't just give out candy, we made kids reach into the monster's mouth, "The candy is in his mouth, you'll have to reach in if you want it..." (then he would snarl). He he he. Some of the older kids had no problem:
Our favorite though were the small children who just stared at the huge teeth. Sometimes we would pick up a piece and hold it between two of his teeth and the small child would come snatch it and run away.

We didn't have to worry about anyone taking too much candy though... none of the children wanted to reach in twice.
Happy Halloween!


  1. That really is one of the coolest decorated trunks I've seen. Good work!