Saturday, November 20, 2010

Book Sale!

I don't think I've mentioned this before on my blog, but I collect books. Once I even showed up at 7 to the BYU 90% off book sale that opened at 8, and then I missed my 9:00 class standing in the checkout line. But I digress.

This week was the Forest Grove Library book sale. Since today was the last day of the sale, you could get an entire bag (BYOB) of books for $5. I sent Cam to scope on Wed since he had the day off. When I told told him we were going to be at the doors a half hour before they opened, and he thought we would be the only two there. Well, he was wrong. There were a few people already waiting when we got there, and by the time the door opened the line was to the parking lot. 

We were lucky we came with a gameplan because it was pretty much madness in there. I was also sorely tempted by the encyclopedias for $5 (for the whole set!) but Cam talked me out of it since we still have many a move ahead of us. Will I regret that the rest of my life? Probably.

Cam was in charge of packing our bag while I scoured for paperbacks and small children's books to fill the spaces. All in all we ended up with 51 books (thats 10 cents each). Just so you have an idea of how awesome that was, we added up the prices on the back of the books and it was over $350. A pretty good deal. 
So in the near future, if you happen to find yourself in need of Australian Animals in my Backyard, The Unbelievable Bubble Book, or perhaps Sailing Alone Around the World: A Biography... you know where to find them. 


  1. I also collect books for the library room I am going to have in my house someday. Wish I could have cashed in on that great deal!

  2. I recognized a couple of the children's books! Mom