Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our 50 Year Anniversary

For family night last week, Cam and I decided it was time to come up with some good life goals- in order to do this, we came up with a rough plan detailing the next 48 years of our marriage. It was a great fun time- we laughed, we came up with some good life direction, and we even teared up a bit when our first child graduated and moved out (they just grow up so fast). Some other highlights include:
  • Cam will be coaching soccer in 2017
  • I'm scheduled to nap from 2018-2019 so that's not a good time to visit
  • Cam gets to buy a new car if he pays off school by 2020
  • I'll have a hostile takeover of the PTA in 2023. Cam hopes to volunteer for the FFA.
  • Cam is scheduled to be balding around 2025
  • We'll be taking a summer off to motorbike across Australia in 2028 (anyone want to watch the kids?)
  • If all goes well we could probably pull off grandkids by 2036 and get a midlife crisis 2-seater convertible
  • We'll serve as couple missionaries 2047-2048, after which Cam gets down to business with family history and I make lawn ornaments to sell online
  • Cam will have the nicest garden in town in 2053 after his heart valve replacement
  • In 2058 we'll be dancing the funky chicken at our 50th wedding anniversary. Don't worry, you're invited.


  1. You would have a hostile takeover of the PTA, Kim--I love it!!!

  2. hey david and i did that about a month ago- just glad to see someone else have fun with it. although we had a rough time getting over the fact that in about 25 years our kids might be 25 as well- weird... good luck with the motorbikes let us know if you need someone to go with!

  3. I'll take the kids while you motorbike across Australia!!

    And you are so wrong, Cameron will never go bald :)

  4. Such a fun idea. Maybe we will have to do it sometime! If only life always went as planned : )

  5. Haha! Thanks for the laugh - I really needed it today! :)

  6. Tiffany- I have been trying to tell him that for some time now, but he is convinced his hairline is already receding.

    Christina- You guys should come for sure! Go find a 2028 calendar and mark it!

  7. This is beautifully romantic. I couldn't help but to be sprayed down with this unbearable glowing urge to say "awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww". Ty so much for sharing this beautiful moment. =]