Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Raisin Maven

I haven't posted for awhile, but I have a couple days off school, and Kim put writing about this experience on my to-do list:

One of the many books I read a book described a maven as "a person that is an expert in a particular field". They know all the details of all the different brands, all the best places to buy them and the best sales to watch out for. They're the kind of people that you would talk to before making a big purchase. Naturally the makers of these products would like all the the mavens in their field to think that they are the best thing since sliced bread. And so they make maven traps.

To illustrate, I'll share an example from the book: if you look on the back of a Dove soap wrapper, there is an 800 number asking for comments and questions. Well nobody really cares enough to call except for soap mavens, and in this way Dove can make sure that soap mavens everywhere are getting excellent customer service, special coupons, and plenty of reasons to talk about Dove the next time someone asks about soap. The 800 number is a maven trap.

Last week I found a piece of rubber in my raisins. It was the same size, shape and color as a raisin. In fact, I didn't even notice it until it was in my mouth and I was thinking, "man this is a chewy raisin". So I found the maven trap on the bottom of the box and sent them an email. Within the next two days I was the proud owner of $4.00 of free money towards any HyTop products and two 24oz packages of raisins.It is good to be a maven, but perhaps next time I'll try something a little more exciting than raisins.


  1. I should use this to my advantage-- perhaps I could be an Anthro maven? Or a Macy's maven?

  2. Ten bucks says Cameron has no idea what you mean when you say "Anthro". But I do. And I agree. Anthro Maven would be awesome :)

  3. You're right Kaylie, I have no idea what Anthro is, but since both you and Courtney both know about it, it must be quite trendy.