Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Toothpaste

I appreciate the questions that I've had from many of you about how I'm doing, whether I still have morning sickness and whatnot. My response to that is that since statistics denote that 90% of women have morning sickness...apparently that means that 10% don't. What that also means is that those of us in that 10% are destined to make the other 90% even sicker at the injustice of it all.

So no... I haven't been pukey or queazy. My appetite has not suffered (in fact, lately it has included an increase of hotwings and nachos.) But lest you 90%ers are feeling slighted, I thought I should probably let you know we haven't been all fun and games over here...

The last few weeks I have developed a heightened gag reflex in response to brushing my teeth. As that isn't something I'm just going to sign off of for the next six months... we've been working hard on some solutions. The first was to stop using my battery-powered toothbrush, which helped at least with severity.  At first I was just using it without turning it on, but since that seemed silly, I pulled out my old-school pink one. But the biggest breakthrough was while I was at my parent's house this weekend. Cam had our toothpaste in his bag, so the only one in the bathroom was my little brother's bubblebum-mint. It worked fantastically. I ran some tests with some of my other sibling's toothpastes and discovered that the stronger the mint flavor, the worse it was.

So yesterday at the grocery store, we went looking for a non-mint toothpaste. Aside from cinnamon (which isn't great either) the only flavor option was:
Fruity bubblegum.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Year Two in Review

With our anniversary coming up this week, it looks like it’s already time for the (2nd) annual Year in Review!  This has been a pretty nutty year for us, so brace yourself… ready? Here we go!

January: Which was the start of our last semester at the Y. I designed icons for a budding website about dairy products in my imaginary spare time and Cameron enjoyed his interior design class and made a snowman over eight feet tall. It continued to snow into…

February: I took pictures of everything and everyone for my photography class (including Cameron when his eye broke). Cam spent the month physically exhausted from his beginning swimming class. I spent the month with my fingers physically exhausted from using my track pad to put my portfolio together.

March: Started on a sad way when the new ward directory came out and Spencer was gone. However it picked right up when I was invited to LA to meet with the marketing folks at Nestle. We competed in the Samba at dancesport, and didn’t do so poorly for a couple of white kids.

April: Was a whirlwind of finishing projects, and packing important things the way up to our graduation from college! The next day we packed up every thing that we could fit into three cars, made the 12 hour drive, (which turned into 16 with the jeep dying) and moved everything into grandpa’s garage for storage.

May: We went to my sister’s wedding on the 1st, and early the next morning we flew to New York! I worked downtown at my internship and Cam worked on not getting mugged. Cam found a job showing apartments in the Bronx (he’s so hardcore). We had our first roommates for awhile… and then moved into a studio. We walked to New Jersey, and took a bus to Boston.

June: Cam still managed to not get mugged, and I won the Wicked Lottery (again).  We said goodbye to our adventures in NewYork and took off on our epic East-Coast tour. We stayed in D.C a few days, then hit up Charlottesville, Willamsberg,, and Garner, NC. We then spent 17 hours on busses through 4 more states to get to Columbus, OH for my brother’s wedding. After a jaunt to Cleveland and Kirtland we finally flew home… oh wait we didn’t have one.

July: Was spent as “homeless, jobless, vegabonds” as my brother so kindly put it. Both our parents so graciously put up with us while we waited for our promised apartment to be vacated. I looked for a job and Cameron started training for the teaching job at Kaplan. We wakeboarded, rafted, and swam for our lives into…

August: We moved into our apartment, and no longer had to live out of suitcases. We went on a backpacking trip with Cam’s sibs.  We decided it was time to try to be normal people, so I got a real job and Cam made jam and read books until…

September: When Cam finally got to start optometry school. He spent his Saturdays listening to BYU football on the radio. I learned about yoga and jalapenos. We also rocked the sidewalk chalk festival.

October: Cam learned about anatomy and pharmacology. I learned about cabbage and started listening to my podcast playlist during my epic commute. We scared tons of small children with our “Monster Car” and planned out the next 50 years of our life to make sure we don’t get boring.

November: Cameron became tight with our local raisin people. We both got callings (me to relief society, and cam to the Young Men’s). We rocked the booksale, spent thanksgiving with Cameron’s Family, and I got a new beautiful camera.

December: Cameron took Finals and taught a high-speed online class for Kaplan. Between study sessions he made a telescope and crocheted Christmas presents. Kim ate off paperware to reduce bug consumption.  

Wow, that was an action-packed year! I know what your thinking… how could next year possibly be as interesting? Well, we thought the same thing and decided we couldn’t do it without some help. That’s why in June we’ll have a new addition to the family... yup…you just heard that. But no worries, these former vegabond wanderers are far from finished with their crazy adventures. 

Thursday, December 23, 2010


My mother-in-law mentioned the other day that it seems like it must be harder to blog since we got home from New York since our lives aren’t quite as interesting. I just want to assure you all (and myself) that our lives are in fact still at least somewhat interesting. I’ve just been busy- which I like to think is also evidence that my life is interesting right?

Alright, well if you need some solid proof I do have this for you:
And there’s even a story behind it. Cameron had the privilege of purchasing a lens kit for school (so he can practice his "1 or 2?") and it got here a couple weeks ago. I went to a relief society dinner, and when I came home, Cameron had drawn a picture, done the math and built himself a telescope. It actually works pretty well. When I got home he was surrounded by cardboard, scissors and a knife, looking out our window trying to see how far away he could read license plates. The good news, he can see 2 blocks away. The bad news, we haven’t had a clear night since its creation. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Gross Discovery

I'll admit that I am generally afraid of bugs. If I see something crawling up the wall, I will yell for Cam to come get it without even stopping to figure out what it is. If it's on the ceiling, I'm won't even blink for fear it will jump off at me.

So I was at work last week, and there were no cups in the cupboard, so I opened the dishwasher and started pulling out the top shelf, and there was a cockroach sitting on a plate. I screamed and tried to shut it with my foot which didn't work out well. At this point one of the sales guys walked in and asked what was up, and I told him so he came over to look. Right then, the cockroach jumped onto the dishwasher door and scuttled into the hole where the latch goes. Nick tried to shut it quickly and squish him in the latch, but he missed.

Since then I've been afraid of the dishwasher. A few days later we had a work party and I looked everywhere and there were no paper plates, so I had to use a regular one. Afterwords I very cautiously opened the dishwasher and was carefully inspecting before reaching my hand in-- right then, my boss came in and startled me. He said "woah... are you scared of the dishwasher?" I told him the story, and he said "Yeah, but you should be okay now, when they really like it is right after it runs and it's all hot and steamy in there." That's when I put together that every dish that comes out of there has probably had a bug on it... after it got washed.

But, as my boss pointed out, they must be pretty clean bugs to live in the dishwasher.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Light Parade

Saturday was the Forest Grove Holiday Light Parade: basically, an opportunity to test out how well my new camera functions at ISO:3200. Cam's family came over and we all had a chilly time watching the parade together. 

The parade itself consisted of several National Guard hummers, several trucks with lights, a few semis with lights, the fire department, a few retirement home vans with lights (and residents), and miscellaneous pieces of farm equipment...with lights. Added up, that's nearly every vehicle in Forest Grove!
The old horse drawn firetruck
 A city utility vehicle
 Some local business float (a truck w/ trailer)
  And a little red wagon

Next year I'm going to try to convince the Optometry Student Wives club that we could probably make the winning entry... Maybe get everyone to walk through with lit up strollers or something.